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Full day – bridal prep to first dance

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All my life as a child, I’d been going to Hong Kong for holidays to visit family, so that was all I ever knew, and even then it was just following my parents around shopping and eating.  At 25, I decided to go travelling on my own.  I visited Austrailia, New Zealand and America, I spend 3 weeks in each country travelling around experiencing the different cultures and soaking up the views.

I had caught the travel bug!!  To date, I’ve been to France, Belgium, America, Holland, Scotland, Thailand, Spain and the various Spanish Islands.  I’ve also been to Iceland for a photography trip with some good friends photographing the amazing landscapes Iceland has to offer.  If only I could have done it all with a wedding in each country!

So that’s my goal.  But I’d also like to add countries like Italy, Greece, Malta, Bali, Hawaii and a whole lot of other countries to my list!

In order for me to achieve that, I am offering FREE DESTINATION PHOTOGRAPHY for those getting married in those countries abroad, or maybe you’re a local at one of those destinations and you’d like to fly me over to shoot your wedding?

All I am going to charge is my expense fees, so that’s going to make for some very cheap wedding photography!  You can’t get more reasonably priced than that!

Furthermore, I will be visiting Turkey in early May.  So if you’re getting married in Turkey during the week I am there, then just pay for my taxi to get me to your wedding venue!