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It’s not all about the Bride and Groom | 2017 Best Images

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It’s not all about the Bride and Groom

2017 Best Images

This year, I decided to create my best of 2017 images on everything else but the bride and groom!  Why? Because I always hear from couples that they want natural photos, photos of their guests where they are unaware of their photograph being taken,, and if they did, then they’d want to see their personality in them!

So here’s a collection of photos of everyone else at the wedding except the bride and groom! Enjoy!


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South Wales Wedding Photographer

South Wales Wedding Photographer: Best of 2012

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South Wales Wedding Photographer 2012

South Wales Wedding Photographer 2012!  So that’s the first year of my South Wales wedding photography done!  It’s been a fun learning curve, and have learnt so much in that time, from shooting weddings, portraits, pre-wedding shoots and even from my own personal enjoyment.  I love photography, and I absolutely love capturing moments that show just how much in love two people are, I love those candid moments when emotion is captured and how laughter and joy is frozen into the form of a photograph, I know when I’ve done a good job when I smile while I’m editing your photos! Read More