I thought I’d better update you guys with from a my point of view.

I’m getting loads of emails from companies regarding COVID-19, and to be honest, there’s so much to read, and it’s taking up a lot of my time. So I imagine you guys are in the same boat, hence why I am keeping this super short!

New Bookings

If you’re still planning on getting married, whether here in South Wales, rest of the UK or overseas, I am still taking on bookings. Obviously, with lockdown still in progress, we all need to #stayhome but that’s fine, in the past, I’ve taken many bookings via email, and have never met the happy couple until the day of the wedding.

But if you’d like to meet me first, I am more than happy to have a video call, whether it’s Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp or anything else, just drop me an email to arrange a time.

I aim to photograph your wedding

As long as I am allowed to, I will turn up and photograph your wedding, if I’m unwell, as per contract, I will find a suitable replacement photographer, I’m very fussy with photography, so I will do my best to find out that is very similar to my style.

Postponing your wedding

If I’m unable to photograph your wedding due to your wedding venue cancelling, or church cancelling etc… and you decide to postpone your wedding to date further down the year, then I’m happy to postpone too, but please check that I am available before committing to a date.

Postponing but I’m not available

If your not flexible on your wedding dates when popstponing, and I’m not available, I will provide a photographer that has the same style as me, and I will edit and deliver your wedding photos.


I will transfer your deposits over to the new wedding date free of charge.

Final Balances

Although you’re contracted to make payment of final balances 4 weeks before your wedding day. I am asking for £200 to be paid towards your final balance at your original payment due date, with the remainder of your balance to be paid 4 weeks before your postponed date.

I think that covers all the scenarios, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email –