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Natalie and Paul Wedding | Gower Golf Club, Swansea, South Wales

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Gower Golf Club, Swansea

South Wales Wedding Photographer

Natalie and Paul Wedding

If you follow my work, you may have seen that I’ve recently phographed at Oxwich Beach, Gower, South Wales with Natalie and Paul, if you’ve missed, take a few moments to have a look.

As a wedding photographer here in South Wales, it’s always a pleasure to shoot at new locations.  I was initially at Bello Capelli in Swansea for the first time, and also working with the Beauty Boutique.  The staff here are fab, so friendly and accomodating.  And the results the brides hair just says it all. Read More

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Jordan and Owen’s Wedding | Plas Glansevin Mansion, Llangadog, Carmarthenshire, South Wales

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Plas Glansevin Mansion, Llangadog, Carmarthenshire

Jordan and Owen’s Wedding

Now in my fith year of wedding photography, I’m still shooting at new wedding venues!  There’s so many beautiful wedding venues here in South Wales, I really didn’t think I’d be shooting so many this year, but so glad I am!  Discovering new places, photographing venues with a different eye to other photographers is always a goal of mine. Read More

Jessica and Shane’s Wedding | Cliff Hotel, Cardigan, West Wales

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Cliff Hotel, Cardigan, West Wales

Jessica and Shane’s Wedding

Wow!  I think this is the furthest west I’ve been in Wales ever, and to be able to do it for a wedding as been an absolutely amazing experience!  Cliff Hotel is such an amazing venue, it’s absolutely stunning, with the hot weather we have been having here in UK this year, it made it feel as if we were abroad!  Especially the photographs taken at golden hour, I love this couple, and I love this place! Read More

Morgans Hotel Swansea Wedding (12)

Mogans Hotel Wedding Photography | Swansea South Wales

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Mogans Hotel Wedding Photography

Swansea South Wales

Last year, I had the pleasure of covering a wedding for a fellow photographer, for personal reasons, they were unable to photograph the wedding on this day.  This is the reason why you should hire a professional photographer, we are within a group we organised ourselves, where we only allow the best wedding photographers in South Wales in, but not just the best, you need to be trustworthy, enjoy banter and a good laugh too! Read More

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Tracey and Karen’s Wedding | White Hart Inn, Llandeilo

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Tracey and Karen’s Wedding

White Hart Inn, Llandeilo

How fun was this wedding!?  Very!  Llandeilo based couple, Karen and Tracey got in touch with me well in advance, they booked online, so their wedding day was the first time we met, we hit it off from the start, such a fun loving couple and a pleasure to photograph. Read More

Martial Arts Photography | Lau Gar Kung Fu – Commercial Photography

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Martial Arts Photography

Lau Gar Kung Fu

Commercial Photography

Apart from weddings, I also photograph portraits of families and children.  But I also photograph commercial photography too!  So when I was approached by a club of the British Kung Fu Association for images to use for promotional material, I was excited to get some more commercial photography for my portfolio!  These photos were taken at a leisure centre, it was all lit up with their lights, so with some lighting techniques, I was able to blackout the background to a more atmospheric feel to the images.  For the photographers reading this, it’s simply inverse square law.

Read More