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Second Photographer

I get asked why you should have a second photographer quite often, so I’ve decided to write a quick post about the benefits of having a second photographer to cover your wedding day here in South Wales.

Groom Preparations

A lot of the time, the bride and groom will be getting ready at different locations, so in order to photograph the bride and the groom getting ready, another photographer will be required.  It’s always good to see the groom, as well as the bride getting ready, after all, it’s his day too, right?  And what man doesn’t want to look good in his wedding day photos!


During the ceremony, especially at churches, photographers are asked to remain in one place, and not distract the couple.  Of course, I agree, even when I’m at wedding venues and hotels etc, some registrars are kind enough to let me do whatever I want, but I will still respect your ceremony, and will move around as discreetly as possible.

But sometimes, that’s not possible, and having a second photographer means you can have your wedding ceremony photographed from different angles, it’s also amazing for capturing reactions when the bride and groom first see each other.


So you’re looking for a wedding photographer, then you mus value photography, right?  When I’m shooting your portraits, it’s always nice to have some from different angles, and to capture those moments in-between poses etc.   So you get more natural and candid photos too.


Having a second photographer is especially useful if you have a large wedding, get more candids of your guests, and more relaxed group shots whilst guests are mingling and enjoying.

Who is your second photographer?

I’m part of a group of wedding photographers across South Wales, we’ve become a close knit group and have an amazing friendship between us all.  They’re all professionals with their own wedding photography business here in South Wales, and I will call upon one of them to photograph your wedding along with me!

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