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Behind the Scenes

As a wedding photographer, you really have to be creative and think on the spot, sometimes, there are just minutes to come up with a photograph, and in the more unflattering locations.  Here are a few example photos I’ve taken at weddings that shows how much difference hiring a professional wedding photographer for our wedding day makes!

Llangennith Beach from an Oldwalls Wedding

So this is Winnie and Damien’s Wedding, they go married at Oldwalls, and had their photographs at Woebley Castle, they also wanted to pop over to Llangennith beach to see their dog, so whilst they were there, they wanted to get some photos of them at the beach.  As you can see from this photo, it was pretty wet, and those that have been to this beach, you’ll know there’s a big hill to tackle before you get onto the beach itself!

Winnie wasn’t so keen on the idea anymore, and decided to just leave it.  But me being me, I convinced her that seeing as she’s here, she’d may as well get a photo, even if it’s in the car park!  Now at the time, I drove a Megane Convertible, an old one that leaked, so I had a towel in my car, little did I know, I’d use it for a wedding one day!  I lay on the wet sand for this shot.  I didn’t get any weird looked from our newlyweds, as they’d previously had a pre-wedding shoot at Three Cliffs Bay, and knew what I was up to!

I was pleased with the result in-camera, and knew I’d have to photoshop the cars out.  I’m no expert when it comes to photoshop, but we were all pretty happy with the result!

South Wales Wedding Photographer Top (1)

South Wales Wedding Photographer

Sylen Lakes Wedding in Llanelli

There are numerous locations here at Sylen Lakes, but I hate doing the same thing as every other wedding photographer, I like to be different, and I think my clients deserve to have something unique for their wedding photographs.  So when I’d seen this opportunity with the leading lines and reflections – yes, I like reflections!  I just had to get a photograph here.  If they’d had a family friend as a photographer who usually takes amazing landscape photos, I would always ask the question whether they’d be able to get great wedding photos at challenging situations.

South Wales Wedding Photographer Top (2)

South Wales Wedding Photographer

Thomas Arms Wedding in Llanelli

Earlier this year, Sarah and Patrick got married at the Thomas Arms in Llanelli, this was my first time at the venue, but not my first time at the pub!  And I knew there wasn’t any photo opportunities around the pub, as it’s full of buildings and houses.  Yes, we went to Park Howard for photos, but I wanted to get some more photos for them in the evening.  I knew about all the road signs in the way at the front, but I also knew there were plenty of lights that would create an amazing backdrop.  So with a telephoto lens, I was able to ignore all the distractions to create one of my favourite photos in my professional wedding career.

South Wales Wedding Photographer Top (3)

South Wales Wedding Photographer

Oxwich Bay Wedding in The Gower

I’ve photographed at the Oxwich Bay a number of times, I love that venue, it was cold, and Eva didn’t want to go anywhere too far, so I had a photo right underneath the porch(?), I took this pull-back shot just to show my location, I would have had a great shot even if I panned it to the left to exclude the marquee.  This also goes to show what a professional photographer is capable to creating.

South Wales Wedding Photographer Top (4)

South Wales Wedding Photographer


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