Llwyn Hall Country House

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Having just found out that Llwyn Hall Country House has recently refurbushed, I couldn’t help but pop down to take a look at this absolutely gorgeous wedding venue here in Llanelli.  This place looks so good, I had to take a second look, as I thought it was an illustration! haha… well done to the contractors!!

It’s so lovely to see the venue being so much more light and airy than it used to be, the colours make it look so much more modern, and the new patio’d area at the front gives it a really clean finish.  Perfect for the ladies wearing heels to weddings, no more gravel ruining your shoes!

Anyway, if you’re looking to book your wedding photographer here in Llanelli, South Wales, and you’re getting married here, drop me an email for a little discount because I want to shoot here 🙂


Wedding Photographer Llwyn Hall Country House

Llwyn Hall Country House

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