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Should I have my engagement photos taken? So you’ve said yes, and you’re getting hitched! You’re in the early stages of planning your wedding, and you have so many different wedding ideas to thing about. Many wedding photographers offer engagement shoots or pre-wedding shoots as part of their packages. So should you have your engagement photos taken?

When did engagement photos become a thing?

Announcing your engagement has always been a thing, since before digital cameras and social media, couples would contact their local newspapers to place an announcement.

But since the rise of social media, posting photos has become increasingly popular. Now with a new way of announcing your engagement, couples would hire a professional photographer to capture an engagement session. There are many reasons why couples decide to have their engagement photos taken, one of which is because couples don’t really have any nice photos of them together. Usually selfies with smartphones being in almost ever single persons pocket. I’m even writing this on my smartphone!

What happens on an engagement shoot?

We’d decide on where to have your engagement photos taken, sometimes, couples like to choose a place that means something to them, maybe where the proposal took place, where they first met or their first date.

Where should I take my engagement pictures?

I often get asked where should I take my engagement pictures, the more common places seem to be the beach or parks. I also get asked for suggestions too, because I’m often shooting at similar places, I love to go somwhere different. If the couple aren’t shy, and it was up to me, I’d shoot the city centre! Where there are lots of interesting buildings and different shapes and alley ways too.

I try not to take too much equipment with me on the day, as I like to to be flowing, so you guys won’t be standing around waiting for me to setup lights etc. I sometimes bring my lights, just to setup one or two photos, but apart from that, it’s all natural light, and I keep it fun and basically have a laugh with you guys!

Let’s take a look at what you can get out of an engagement shoot:

  • You will to get to know your wedding photographer
  • It will help you gain confidence in front of the camera
  • You’ll have a great set of photos and memories
  • It’s good fun, treat it like a day date
  • You can time it with your hair and make up trial
  • What should I wear to an engagement shoot?

You will to get to know your wedding photographer

One of the main reasons why it’s good to have an engagement shoot, is that you’ll spend time getting to know your photographer. I’ve always find that brides are a lot more relaxed when I meet them on the day of their wedding when I’ve taken their engagement photos already.

On the day of the engagement shoot, I’ll spend roughly an hour with you guys, we’ll talk about your day and plans you have as well as taking photos of you guys! But I do tend to go off on a tangent, and usually end up talking about anything other than weddings and photography haha.

Should I have my engagement photos taken?

Ed, what a spectacular photographer you are.

The photos we have already seen are just perfect and capture every moment for exactly what it was, an absolutely special day and thanks to you we’ll have them forever.

Thank you is not enough but we were thankful YOU was there!!

You’re work is incredible and we have had no end of complements already!! We always make sure that (even though we looked beautiful ) people know that it was beautiful because of you.

Thank you

Love Ri & Ad

It will help you gain confidence in front of the camera

As we get to know each other more during your engagement photos, you’ll start to feel more confident in front of the camera. You’ll get used to knowing what I’m trying to achieve from the photos and why I’m laying on the floor of hiding in a bush lol. This is essential for the wedding day, as you would have seen the photos previously, you’ll know exactly what I’m doing, and will instantly have more confidence in me, and therefore feel more confident in front of the camera, resulting in even more stunning wedding photos for you guys!

You’ll have a great set of photos and memories

Once you have your engagement photos delivered, you’re free to print them as you wish! Create albums, make prints, print guestbooks or even make a signature frame to use as a guest book.

I’m sure your family would love a print to display proudly on their wall or mantel piece too. Even if you don’t print them, you can always share them on social media, and just think, in years time, you’ll have those “Time Hop” memories that pop up to remind you of the day!

It’s good fun, treat it like a day date!

I always get told by couples that they really enjoyed their engagement shoot, we always have a good laugh during a shoot. And I’m always up for your ideas too, the last engagement shoot I did was in the heat of summer, so we went to Oxwich Bay, splashing water over each other and jumping off sand dunes!

But you don’t have to do that, it’s your day, so treat it anyway you would like, some couples dress up in smart casual clothes and maybe a change of clothes into evening wear too, just to get some elegant and romantic photos in too.

Should I have my engagement photos taken?

You can time it with your hair and make up trial

If you have booked hair and makeup for your wedding day, why not arrange it and have it done the same time as your engagement photos? It’s the perfect excuse to have an engagement shoot too! Whilst you’re looking better than ever (until your wedding day of course!), you should definetely think about having professional photos taken, you’ll be proud to send prints from your engagement shoot to your parents to display with your hair and make up all done professionally too!

What should I wear to an engagement shoot?

There’s no strict dress code when having your photos taken, but taking on some advice certainly does help.

Avoid big logos

You really should avoid big logos and brand names, as your eyes will be drawn towards these logos and brand name. We want the attention on you, not your clothes.

Wear plain/bold clothes

When I say wear plain or bold clothes, I mean to try and avoid bold patterns like strips and zigzags etc. Again, these will take the attention away from you, and we want to focus on your eyes and connection between each other.


Try not to wear colours that clash, for simplicity, try and keep to the same colour pallet. Personally, I prefer earthy tones, but the choice in completely up to you guys.

Change of Clothes

Engagement shoots booked with me usually lasts an hour, so there’s time to change clothes, if you would like to. So maybe something casual, followed by something more formal or glamourous.

Be yourselves

All these are just my advice, you don’t have to follow these rules, it just helps to make the overall photographs more visually appeaing. The most important thing, is to be comfortable with whatever you’re wearing, or just be bold and go in your birthday suit!

When to take engagement photos?

Another common question I get asked a lot, is when to take engagement photos. This is entirely up to you guys, some prefer to wait until there’s nice weather, some prefer the sunset, and some early in the morning. But how early should you have your engagement photos taken? Try not to leave it too late, don’t forget, your wedding photographer will also need a couple of weeks to edit the photos. And if you have plans to make a guest book, print photos etc, you will need to allow time for the print labs to turn that around too. Not to mention, you’ll probably be extremely busy the months leading up to your wedding day.

Should I have engagement photos taken?

If you’re still undecided, you could take a look at some of the reviews that have been left on Google Reviews. Hopefully that will help make up your mind on whether or not I am the photographer for you. Or whether or not you should have your engagement photos taken.

Interested in booking an engagement shoot?

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