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To USB or not to USB?

Should I keep offering your wedding photos on a USB stick?  Maybe move to something else to future proof your wedding photos?  Have a read of what I think, and let me know your thoughts.

Are your wedding photos safe?

Are your wedding photos really safe?  You often hear this when wedding photographers are trying to upsell album.  But that’s true, if you have your photographs on a CD or USB, then that could get corrupted.  Your only hope would be your wedding photographer, however, if it’s been a few years since you last got married, then he or she may not have them anymore.

It’s definitely a good idea to get a wedding album, I wrote this little blog post on why you should have a wedding album a while back.

Digital Age

So you don’t want a wedding album, and you really just want your photos digitally.  I remember back in the 90’s, I used to carry a few 3.5” floppy disks to college and university, these days, you will not be able to buy a new computer that has a floppy drive!  CDs and DVDs were used for storage, and now, you can buy laptops that don’t have a CD-ROM!  These ultra-thin laptops have USB only!

Long Live the USB?

USB are sticks getting ridiculously cheap and storage getting increasingly massive.  It’s a no brainer that USBs are the way to go.  I for sure, love the flexibility it gives me.  After I got married, I went around all my friends’ houses that I knew had a camera with them on the day; and copied all their photos onto my USB stick.  In no time, I had all my wedding photos at my convenience.


We’re now in a digital age, and an age where we want everything instantly, if we have to wait, then it’s not good enough.  How many of you give up on websites if it takes too long to load?

From the moment I tell you your wedding photos are ready, we have to arrange a suitable date and time for me to deliver your photos, this could take a few days, and on the very rare occasion, half an hour (an example of how we want things instantly!), once we’ve met up, you need to drive home, if we met in public.  If at your home, then you’ll need to wait until your computer starts up.

Cloud Nine

With smartphones being part of our everyday life, it’s more convenient to have access to a Cloud.  From the moment I tell you your wedding photos are ready, you will be able to access your whole gallery online!  You can share this with your friends and family too!  You could be out and about and not seen a friend in a while and you want to show them your photos?  No problem!  It will all be on your phone, which you have on you at all times!  No more getting a computer out, nor carry a pocket wedding album about – easy!


What’s more, is that you can print your wedding photos straight from your online gallery!  How amazing is that!  You will be able to order prints, mounted prints, aluminium wall arts and more!  Your friends and family can order too!  No more nagging friends going on to you about seeing your photos and printing them out etc.


Don’t worry, it’s not online only, you will have the option to download them onto your computer too, with just one click, you can download your entire wedding photos, they will be at high resolution too.  So if you prefer, you can order your wedding photos with your own printing laboratory.

Still Want a USB?

If your internet connection is slow, I can make my branded USBs available to you, so there’s no worries there 🙂


USB Photography First Weddings


USB Photography First Weddings


USB Photography First Weddings


USB Photography First Weddings


USB Photography First Weddings


USB Photography First Weddings


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