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So what’s involved in a full day wedding photography package?

This basically means, I will photograph your wedding from Bridal Preparations all the way through to, and including your First Dance.

Bridal Preparations

Wedding Dress, Shoes, Jewellery and more..

In order for me to get all the photos I need for your wedding photography, I will turn up an hour before you put on your dress.  This will give me plenty of time to get all the detail photographs in of your dress, shoes, jewellery etc.  It also means, I won’t go barging into the room taking photos of you.



Once all the details are photographed, I will then get photos of you whilst you’re getting your makeup or hair done.  I won’t pose, and I won’t ask your makeup artist (MUA) and hairstylist to move or keep still.  During this time, I love the natural beauty unfold, after all your MUA and hairstylist are part of your wedding day, you should see them actually doing what they do best!  I have been told there are some photographers in South Wales where they ask the MUA or hairstylist to move out of the way for a photo!  And I’ve been complimented that I don’t get in anyone’s way, hooray for me!


Makeup Done Hours Ago?

Don’t worry if your makeup was applied hours ago, I can easily stage the photos without you actually applying the makeup on.


The Dress

Once your makeup is applied and your hair is perfect, it’s time to put on your dress.  I’ll step out of the room and return when you’re half way being laced up.


Bridal Portraits

Once you’re ready, I’ll be photographing you in the classic poses to really show off your dress and your natural beauty!


Before the Ceremony

As well as photographing you walking down the stairs, I aim to photograph you and your bridesmaids together before the ceremony,  At this point, I will also see your partner at the top of the aisle looking nervous or excited!



Depending on where we are, some venues do not allow photographs, and some do, but I will usually be in front photographing you walking up the aisle as you see your partner for the first time of the day!



After the ceremony, and after you greet all your guests, it will be time for group photos.  Here’s my usual group list

  • Everyone
  • All Bride’s side of the family
  • Bride’s siblings
  • Bride’s parents
  • Then exactly the same with the Grooms side of the family
  • All bridal party – users, bestmen, bridemaids etc..
  • All friends


This covers everyone at the wedding.  And I always welcome guests asking me for a group photo.


Your Own List

If you provide me your own list, then you will need to know, it will take roughly 3 minutes per group photo.  As some guests would have run off to the toilet, the bar or for a cigarette, it will take time gathering everyone.


Bride and Groom Portraits

I usually get around 20 to 30 minutes to get your couple shots done, which is usually plenty of time, we’ll go around the wedding venue for your wedding photos, then let you get back to your guests to mingle.  At this point, I’ll be getting the wedding breakfast details, the wedding planner would normally invite you in to see the room, so I will take the opportunity to get a photo of you guys in the room, and a quick mock cutting of the cake.



Let me know when the speeches are, whether they are before or after the meal.  As some couples choose to have the speeches before the meal.  As I would have been working all day with no food, I would really appreciate a hot meal.  But if not, I’ll simply pop out to a nearby shop for some food.   Whilst photographing speeches, I try to be as discreet as possible, not getting into people’s view and really capturing the moment of laughter from your guests as they enjoy the speeches.


Night Photography

Depending on when you’re getting married, the sun would be setting by now, or dark already,  I’ll be asking for 10 minutes of your time to get some really creative wedding photos, we can’t not take a photo of you guys during sunset!  And if it’s a winter wedding, then the dark nights mean we can get creative with my lights  And we can get the rain shot in when it’s raining!


Evening Guests

Around this time, your evening guests would be here or about to, so I’ll be going around getting casual group photos and candid’s of everyone.  I will also be setting up my lights ready for the First Dance.


First Dance

I only have one request during First Dance, I would speak to the DJ to get their lasers switched off, as it’s almost impossible to recover some photos if they happen to land on your face when I take a photo.


Last Chance Portraits

Depending on your mood and the evening light or the venue being lit up, we’d get one more photo of you guys outside before we leave.



In the next couple of days, you’ll see a preview of your wedding photos, usually posted on facebook or Instagram.


Delivery of Your Wedding Photographs

It usually takes 6-8 weeks to deliver your photos.  This is because I go through every single photo and correct the exposure and white balance, I also touch photos up at this point and make sure your wedding photographs are perfect when you receive them.

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